MTV EXIT - Live In Myanmar Opening Bumper

TMRRW is working on the visual branding & on-air show packaging for MTV EXIT - Live In Myanmar.

On 16th December this year, MTV EXIT will produce an historic concert in Yangon, Myanmar to fight of human trafficking and slavery. Multi Grammy award-winning artist Jason Mraz will headline the free event, which will be held in the Yangon People’s Square at the base of the magnificent 2600 year-old Shwedagon Pagoda. Also performing are Myanmar’s top artists and speakers from the anti-trafficking sector, government and donor community who work to fight human trafficking in Myanmar.

MTV EXIT Live in Myanmar will be broadcast in Myanmar on national television and will air across MTV’s international network in early 2013 as a special edition of “MTV World Stage", MTV’s weekly live music series. Available in more than a half-billion homes, the program will feature performances, interviews and key educational information about human trafficking.

Human trafficking is a tragic crime that enslaves and exploits its victims, the majority of which are women and children. There are more than 20 million people living in slavery around the world with Myanmar and Southeast Asia particularly affected. The concert forms part of a wider initiative that seeks to educate and train youth through innovative television programming, digital content, capacity building workshops and community-based events.

01 декабря 2013
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